Visitor Relationship Management from Vizury

Biggest challenge for advertisers to advertise in any possible channels is to deliver relevant ads for their customers. In todays market, customers can easily ignore ads that are not relevant for them. Or worst, they will have negative impression for brand or company who continued to advertise those ads.

Vizury, a company based in India has the ability to learn customers behavior on their client website, and use it to deliver the right ads for the right customers. Focusing on increasing the value of their client customers, Vizury offers a premium retargeting solution called VRM (Visitor Relationship Management).

The fact that almost 70% of website visitors are paid visitors coming from paid search, display ad or other paid sources. And only 95% of those visitors are actually convert to goal create a huge budget leaks. Retargeting is one of best solution to reduce those lost and gain more revenue. Retargeting is a way of bringing back visitors that drop off your site by targeting them with highly pertinent Display Advertising and converting them into buyers.


With Vizury, your retargeting campaign can have more impact. Few key advantages of Vizury’s solution are

– Extended reach, Vizury works with RTB network, Ad Network and other premium solution generate an extended audiences.
– Pure performance model. Risk free way to acquire new customers & more revenue. Vizury Customers benefit from a risk free, pure performance based (CPA, CPC) model
– Highly pertinent ads. Crafting pertinent messages to match individual visitor needs is one thing but incorporating the latest information corresponding to a product like availability/current price by factoring in associated offers, regional availability, deal duration, currency, shipping costs and delivering ads on the fly accurately can be tricky. With VRM, one can do all this and much more.

Here are few example of Vizury’s ads

Here’s a video on how Visitor Relationship Management work

Currently Vizury has a client list of industry leaders including Agoda, Wego,, Tarad, Bhinneka, Groupon, Senheng, and many more.

Interested to work with Vizury? For Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai companies, you can contact me by email at ridho.putradi[at]