Things That Helps Me Starting Up My Business

I started my first internet business, InboundID, back in 2009. Now it’s a 25+ people with portfolio includes telcos, FMCG, travel and e-commerce. And I enjoyed every part of taking this business in to live and growing.

Now I’m starting up another business that ready to take off early next year, Insya Allah. And here are things that helping me a lot in the process



Uh, business plan, important yet tricky part to develop when starting up any businesses. All those numbers can really give a bad headache. LivePlan takes you through the process to create investor-ready business plans. The step-by-step guides make it easier to develop your business plan.


There are so many things to take care and deal with when you’re starting up new business. Keeping track of those things can become tricky. Asana helps you to organize your things and keep all the tasks on track.


If you’re starting up an internet business, a well-developed website is a must to have. Mockingbird can help you create the mock for your new website easily.

Dragons Den and black coffee

Well, sometimes, even entrepreneur needs a bit of rest. And what better to watch on your free time other than Dragons Den, a perfect reality show to learn and understand more on how to pitch your business for investment. 5 episodes of Dragons Den and black coffee is enough to keep your entrepreneur spirit rock.

That’s all guys! Enjoy 🙂