SEO Tactics that Never Stop Working

From:, the SEO tactics that never stop working

  • Find the terms that people are using to search for your products, and then talk about your products on-site using those terms, without using them so much you sound crazy.
  • Make sure a search engine can find every page on your site, read the content and figure out what the page is about (i.e. what keywords it should rank for).
  • Fix the broken stuff on your site, remove duplicate content and make the whole site faster.
  • Create interesting, relevant, fresh content that is designed to engage users and encourage them to share it.
  • Build links to your site from other high-authority sites with which you share a topic or audience ??? better yet, build relationships with those sites that can earn you links again and again.
  • Make sure you???ve got a good experience for users once they get to the site: the content they see is the content they wanted. That???s what search engines want to happen, and that???s how users give you money.