Reducing my Social Media Consumption

Social Media Freak

I’ve spent too many times posting my photos on Instagram, commenting on other posts on Facebook or spying at my employees LinkedIn profile. Even more of my time spent on Twitter. Had to stop guys!

The other thing that guilts me the most is that I often checked in my social media when I’m not supposed to. On mobile especially. When I was with friends or family, for example, the FB notification always caught my attention and forced me to open the app. That’s bad, right. When you’re with your friends or your family, your focus should be on them. Not for someone else on your Facebook friends, not for your those tweets or Instagram photos.

I believe the idea of social media is for us to be more social, able to have a healthy interaction with another social being. Not for us to brag about our life and demands for others feedback, or like, or emoji.

Other than that, I get tired of the crazy flow of information through my social media streams. I mean, yes we can filter those posts or tweets, but it also takes time to do that. Only small part of those information, news, or photos is enjoyable or even valuable for me. And yes, I might also be the one who is posting those invaluable useless pieces of information, like photos of my G-Shock watches on my Instagram.

So I decided to uninstall Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn app from my mobile. I’m want to reduce my time on social media, hopefully, I can be more productive on something else. Like those emails that I haven’t opened, perhaps.

What do you think?