My First 6 Months with Vizury

Last February, I decided to left Wego Indonesia. I made the decision after a long discussions with my wife and family. It was never easy to leave such an awesome company like Wego. Work ethic, knowledge, awesome people, and beautiful products are just some of things that I can say about Wego.

Company that I choose to join was Vizury, an India based company focus on increasing the value of their clients website visitor. Here’s more about Vizury.

Why I decided to join Vizury was because I believe in the product in the first place. Vizury is one of my digital marketing channel while I was managing Wego’s digital spend. Compared to other channels, Vizury performance is always the best in terms of delivering ROI. I was kinda impressed on how Vizury’s ads can bring so much value to my digital marketing campaign.

For market like Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand where most of internet businesses are living under tight marketing budget. Vizury’s product, VRM (Visitor Relationship Manager), has a proven track record of delivering higher ROI for their client. A perfect match for those internet businesses.

Here’s a story on how HomeShop 18 lowered their CPA from USD 10 to USD 4 and gained better ROI with Vizury.

At Vizury
At Vizury

Am I enjoying my time at Vizury? Yes Sir! I really enjoyed my first 6 months here. A clear goal to achieve and great team supports are two things that I like here. And the fact that I’m able to learn lot of new things is another thing that I like.

Interested to know more about Vizury, or me, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to connect with you.