I miss the old day of blogging :(


Before I have this blog -and other blogs- my first blog was actually hosted at WordPress.com. http://rputradi.wordpress.com, I’ve deleted the blog -doh- though. And now I miss that old blog with lots of stupid, honest, fun posts.


For me that time, blogging was like visiting Dufan, happy time. I post almost about everything. From daily life, romances, jobs, or even my travel notes to Cape Town -or maybe not that one-. I enjoyed it so much.


Then I get introduced to AdSense. Yep.. The idea of making money online feels like an oasis. I started to create more blogs, invested in domains, wrote posts on many things that I don’t even know.??


And??suddenly, the fun part of blogging was??disappear. It’s all about the money now. I was no longer posts about me or things I like. Researching for HPK -High Paying Keywords-, spamming links,??abusing??social media, or even sending stupid promotional emails to strangers. -please don’t try this at home:) -??


I no longer replied on comments, nor expecting it. The only thing I care was how much the CTRs of my AdSense. That’s not fun -the other part of receiving monthly check was 🙂 –


Yea, I am??great full??though. That blogging for money era also introduce me to what I’m working on right now. And I’m still looking for that fun part of blogging. How about you?


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