How To Understand Your Audience Better With Hotjar

Every website owner should know what keeps visitors on their website, what parts of the websites attract more visitors, and which parts should they improve in order to keep their visitor happy. You can do this manually, by asking visitors to complete a form at the end of their visit, or you can use specialized tools, offered by different marketing specialized companies. There are several companies that offer these kinds of tools. The main problem with these companies is that their plans offer one core feature (i.e. heat maps, scroll maps, session playbacks, etc.) and the rest of the features are paid for extra.

Few weeks back, Arnout Hellemans (@hellemans) introduce me to Hotjar. Hotjar offers a brand-new type of tool: the all-inclusive tool. The advantage is that you don’t have to rely on a single feature after you pay for a subscription. You have all the features, for an unlimited amount of analysis tools. Furthermore, it offers a free subscription that gives the user a glimpse of the true power of the tools.

That is exactly what I’m looking for.

Hotjar offers 3 subscription plans: basic, pro, and business. The basic plan is free of charge and offers limited feedback and analysis tools. It’s a sort of trial version of the full capabilities of the tools. You can use up to 3 types of feedback and analysis tools that offer recordings that are kept on their cloud service for 90 days. The pro plan offers an unlimited number of feedback and analysis tools, holding up the recorded data for 90 days as well. This plan suits medium-sized websites at best. Moreover, there’s a business plan that offers the same unlimited tools plus the option to keep the data recorded for 180 days. This is especially beneficial to large websites that go through a lot of changes and want to compare the overall reach of the new changes, based solely on customer activity. Another advantage of using Hotjar is that with one subscription plan you can manage all your websites at no extra cost.

Hotjar Comparison
Hotjar Comparison

Hotjar Offers Everything You Need In A Unified Dashboard


Heatmaps are probably one of the most important tools that can help you make your website stand out in a crowd. The concept is simple: the tool tracks the mouse movements and clicks of your visitors. It can be very helpful to determine the usage pattern of the majority of visitors. Understanding the general behavior of your visitors will allow you to almost instantly improve your website. You can change banner positions, you can change titles, make certain areas more visible, etc.

Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel is another objective evaluation tool that helps improve on the actual number of visitors that will eventually end up in purchasing something from your website, or reaching your websites main goal. Not everyone who visits your site will also end up purchasing something. That’s why it’s called a funnel, because between steps, the actual number of visitors decreases. Simply put, there are 4 main steps of the funnel: awareness, interest, desire, and action. Increasing these levels for your customers will guarantee an increase in revenue.

Hotjar Form Analytics
Hotjar Form Analytics

Form Analytics

Form Analytics is an exceptionally useful tool if you’re using a subscriber based website or when you have a checkout form on your website. Remember that not everyone likes to complete forms, no matter what they’re length is, and the people who do complete the forms may have certain hesitations with some questions. A form analytics tool allows you to see how much time each for takes to complete, what questions take the longest to complete and what questions are usually not even answered.

Visitor Recording

The visitor recording tool does exactly what the name says: it records the usage pattern each visitor. You can then asses the time each user spent on your site, the pages and the order of pages that they visited, and so on. This is a very useful because it identifies most usability problems and it will allow you to make changes accordingly to your visitor usage patterns. It’s a direct usage feedback.

.. and more

How can Hotjar help improve your website?

Using the majority of these features, if not all of them, will definitely help you understand your audience better. For me, understanding my audiences is the key ingredient for improvement. With insights generated from Hotjar, you’ll have more information on what’s works and what’s sucks on your website, and that’s gold!

You guys need to try Hotjar if you’re serious in improving your website performances.