How To Avoid Being Scamed By SEO Agency

Scam Alert!

Everyone in the digital industry knows that search audiences have the strongest intents compared to users coming in from other channels. And the fact that search audiences grow exponentially every year creates a massive interest amongst business to start their search marketing campaign.

On search marketing, there is two type of approach, the paid search approach, and the organic search approach, people called it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s talk about SEO, SEO is a series of marketing activities with the intention to create, publish and optimize the most relevant contents that answer the search audiences query. The first metric of success is ranking for search queries on search result page.

Optimization includes the on-website optimization of site architecture, load speed, HTML, and most importantly content optimization. As well as the off-page optimization, building the online site authority.

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For businesses looking for SEO agency to work with, here are some of my tips to avoid getting scammed by your agency

1. Ranking Warranty, even Google on their webmaster YouTube channel already explain that no one can guarantee to rank on any keyword. If your SEO agency is offering a warranty on keyword ranking, most of the time, it scam.

2. Too much focus on backlink acquisition. It may include some absurd strategy like SEO contest, SEO challenges or things like that. Here’s the thing, I think the crucial first focus on SEO should be on the website optimization itself. Content in particular, if your agency didn’t show enough credential in content strategy and development, then I don’t think they are the right agency for your to work with.

3. Ranking only KPI, while I agree that ranking is the first metric you can measure as a success of your SEO, but ranked on specific keywords is not always translated into value for your business, many other metrics are more important than just ranking. Visitors, engagement or even conversion. And if your agency somehow didn’t present that as their KPI, there’s no value for you to work with them.

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