Google Analytics & Digital Measurement Bootcamp, recap

It’s a wrap for the awesome bootcamp on Google Analytics & Digital Mesurement with @InboundID & @PartnerIklan.

For digital marketers, proper measurement of their digital performances are key to your success. And we all agreed the luxury that digital marketers has on being able to access all the data & information they need related to their campaign. One of the sources for those data and information is Google Analytics.

Some key highlights that I shared on the bootcamp includes

The importance of Google Tag Manager, with Google Tag Manager digital marketers can manage their tags, including Google Analytics better. Google Tag Manager also helpful for setting up advance tracking on Google Analytics, including e-commerce tracking.

Dimensions and metrics, all reports available on Google Analytics are consist of dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are qualitative data while metrics are quantitative data.

Tagging the acquired traffics, while digital marketers can auto tag traffic acquired Google AdWords, other source of traffics might need manual tagging. Using url builder from Google digital marketers can easily set the url parameters for tracking purposes on their campaigns. The parameters will help digital marketers to analyze and generate more insights from their campaign.

Digital attribution, it is critical for digital marketers who are working with multi-channels to set up the attribution on Google Analytics. With attribution, digital marketers can attribute the marketing performances to the right channel.

Here’s my deck for the bootcamp