Creating Your Market Persona

Market Persona
Market Persona

A persona is a fictional character that represents a specific part of your target demographic, and taking the time to create one gives your marketing team a strategic advantage when planning advertising campaigns. Creating a well-rounded persona requires asking specific questions about who you’re marking to and what your business can offer to fulfill their wants and needs.

Getting to Know Your Audience
You can’t develop a marketing strategy without a clear knowledge of who the people in your audience really are, including lifestyle factors such as income and spending habits. Do they wait for sales or are they willing to pay a higher price for products that they view as being better quality? How can your advertising reach them on on an emotional level and influence their purchasing decisions?

What Do Your Customers Want?
Your marketing persona should include the wants and needs of your target audience as they pertain to your products. What does your business have to offer potential customers and how do these offerings fulfill their personal desires? This incorporates both merchandise and overall buying experience. The personality of your business has a big impact on the way customers react to shopping on your website and at your physical location. The face you present should be one that your target audience can identify with and that aligns with their attitudes.

Where Is Your Target Demographic?
Bringing your customers what they want is only possible if you meet them where they already are. Analyze you audience to determine:
• How often they access and browse the Internet
• What sites they spend the most time on
• How many rely on mobile devices
• What type of information they search for
• Where they get most of that information
• The number of people reached by print ads such as newspapers and magazines

Looking at responses to past campaigns provides valuable information as well. The types of advertising that bring the most conversions will tell you a lot about the habits of your target demographic.

Turning Curiosity into Sales
Your market persona should be detailed enough to tell you what steps you need to take in order to draw curious customers to your business, keep them engaged and guide them through the purchasing process. The wants, needs, attitudes, beliefs and past behaviors you identified tell you what drives consumers’ decisions when it comes to spending money. Are they impulse buyers or do they plan each purchase carefully? Do they come into your store or visit your website looking for something specific, or will they spend time browsing? The longer you can keep someone interested, the more likely they are to not only make a purchase but also find something that makes them want to return to your business in the future.

Social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to gathering details for your market persona. Continue your research by asking questions of your “real life” customers and incorporate their answers into your marketing efforts to create advertising campaigns that really work.