InboundID Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday @InboundID

5 years! WOW…. InboundID (was Inbound Marketing Indonesia) was founded in Jan 5th, 2009. It was a self-employed company back then, the first inbound marketing company in Indonesia, now, 40+ people with portfolio ranged from brands, ecommerce, travel and more.

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Counting Cars

All Episodes of Counting Cars Season 2

Beside the Pawn Stars, another show from History Channel that I really love is Counting Cars. I’m so in to anything old, vintage, stylist, cool with wheels thing. And Counting Cars is the right show for that. Danny “The Count” Koker

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New Year

Day 1, 2014

Well, happy new year guys! I just feel that I need to post something today 🙂 So, done few things on this very first day of the year of snake, including – RockIndonesia.Net, launched and ready to rock and roll.

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