Facebook Carousel Ad

New Facebook Carousel Ad

In addition to wide range of ad types Facebook already have, now advertiser can feature more products, services and promotions through Facebook carousel ad. With this newly launched ad, Facebook allow advertiser to show multiple images and links in a

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Go Online

Tips for Businesses Going Online

For most businesses to survive, they need to adapt to online platforms. For some business owners, going online can be an intimidating proposition, especially if they don’t know where to start. If they plan ahead of time, they can be

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California, California, Here We Come!!!

Last month Google announced that InboundID won the Google Partners All Stars Competition and they are inviting us to visit Googleplex as the #1 winner, awesome right? 🙂 Well, we are lucky to have such an awesome team at InboundID. So now, as you read this

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Market Persona

Creating Your Market Persona

A persona is a fictional character that represents a specific part of your target demographic, and taking the time to create one gives your marketing team a strategic advantage when planning advertising campaigns. Creating a well-rounded persona requires asking specific

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