The 8th Anniversary of InboundID

Living and working in one of the sexiest market in Southeast Asia has taught us as a company many things, but one of the most valuable lessons was how important our talents are for our growth. And Alhamdulillah, I’m proud to say that in our 8th anniversary, InboundID have some of the best digital talents working on various inbound marketing campaigns we have. They are the one who deserve all credits for all of our achievements.

Yes, I remember how it was when there were only me, Italo and a Eka running the company. Italo’s dining room was our main office as well as our meeting room where we gave birth to all awesome ideas for the company. Or even earlier, when InboundID was known as Inbound Marketing Indonesia and was running as training company in collaboration with COMLABS ITB.

Today, you’ll find the best search marketers, content creators, data analysts, business developers, account managers, as well as the best company support team in InboundID.

8 Years! Are We There Yet?

In 2014, when Google AdWords awarded us the best agency partner in Indonesia and invited us to their HQ in Silicon Valley, or in late 2015, when one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia agreed to work with us on their digital campaign, we achieved small part of our goals. Here are some of our achievements in 2016.

8th Years Anniversary
8th Years Anniversary

One thing is for sure, we believe that we still have a ton of works to achieve most of our goals. Our goals are to deliver the best possible results for our clients campaign, to become the #1 performance agency in Indonesia, and to continue to grow and expand our business. And, our most important goal is to provide the most awesome place for our talents to work.

Life at InboundID

I’m someone who believe that you should only work on things you love, and of course, if you also love your workplace, life will be wonderful. This 2017, InboundID share several new awesome things to create a more loveable workplace for our talents. This infographic below will show you more.

Life at InboundID
Life at InboundID

We want everyone here at InboundID to proud and love their works and the workplace.

So, Happy 8th Anniversary, InboundID! Let’s continue to rock & roll!

Ridho Putradi S’Gara