5 Best Episodes of Pawn Stars

One of my favorite TV show is Pawn Stars. Played at History Channel, Pawn Stars is a show about Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas. The Harrison family who run the pawn shop has become famous artist. Last month they came to SEA to promote their show.

People are coming in to this pawn shop to pawn or sell their stuff, sometime their most weird, authentic, rare, valuable stuff. From all episode that I’ve ever watched, here are the 5 Best Best Episodes of Pawn Stars, my version

5. Season 5 Episode 6.

Two top items includes Lamborghini and finger prints of Saddam Hussein

4. Season 3 episode 22

My favorite items from this episode is 1956 Gibson Guitar

3. Season 5 episode 3

Top item I really like from this episode is a 1937 Oldsmobile L-37 four-door sedan with suicide doors

2. Season 1 episode 6

Favorite item from this episode is a baseball autographed by the 1951 World Series Champion New York Yankees

1. Season 4 episode 35. The Pickers,The Pawn,The Polish!

The winner is a 57 Chevy restored for the Old Man birthday