10 Commandments of SEO [Infographic] #MattCuttsMoses

10 Commandments of SEO
[ Source TechWyse Internet Marketing ]

Here are the 10 Commandments of SEO

Have an Unnatural Link Profile

Don’t create spam on forums or blog too many blog comments. Don’t solely build exact match anchor text or hack into sites to inject links.

Cloak and USe Hidden Tex

Cloacking refers to showing differents content to the Google bot and your visitors. This can be easily uncovered when the Google bot doesn’t identify itself.

Putting SEO text in hidden divs or making it white on white for intance is easily detectable.

Steal/Duplicate Content

Using other peoples information with proper cititations is fine, but if you’re copying entire chunks of content, or worse, whole website you’re not going to fare well.

Spin Content

Spun content creates a poor user experience and even if they do land on your page, they’re not likely to convert. Google is also getting much better at detecting spun content.

Stuff Keywords

Keyword stuffing doesn’t do anything extra to help Google understand what your page is about, in fact it’s more likely to flag it and push it down in search result, Google relies on many other signals to gauge the relevance of your content

Spam Google Maps

There’s no point in creating a fake listing on Google Maps. What’s worse is that if you’re found trying to game the system, you’re more likely to lose rankings.

Create Microsites

There’s no sense in building out content-thin sites that only try and rank for few keywords. The Panda Update wiped these out and they’re no longer a viable method for building links to your main site.

Sell Links

Just like buying links is punishable, so is selling them. Obviously you can try not advertising that you sell links on your site, but there are certain patterns that can still indicate that you’re doing this.

Go Overboard on Ads

If your site is ovverrun with ads and especially if it’s light on content, you’re not likely to provide a good user experience. Not enough space devoted to real content is something that Google has relatively recentely become very good at detecting and punishing.

Create Multiple Website to Rank for the Same Business

This practise is more-common than you think. Many businesses create multiple sites so they can occupy more of the spots on search results. There are multiple ways (automated and manual) to detect this. Cloacking for matching C-blocks is one example. If you’re exposed you could lose rankings for all of your sites.